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Artist Series

Alvaro Linares

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Alvaro Linares Cuadrado Street Art artist and student at IE University, is positioned as one of the most promising up and coming young talent in the art world both digital and physical at only 20 years old. He began painting at an early age focusing his artistic spirit in painting. It was his mother who, after appreciating his talent, decided to take him to art classes where he could explore the different types of painting and where Álvaro found a new way to express and channel his life experiences. Álvaro's artistic career never proved to follow a conventional style, it was shortly after starting art classes when he began to experiment at home with spray paint and where he discovered his passion for Street Art. Already then did he begin to spark the interest of those who were able to see his first paintings and, in particular, that of his grandfather, who encouraged him until the last moment to continue painting and discovering his path as an artist.

Later, Álvaro began to explore other artistic disciplines such as cooking, fashion, music and especially cinema. He describes himself as a very close family man and fondly remembers his cooking experiments in particular on Sundays with his family.  

In his career in the visual arts, he boasts projects such as "Cambio de Marcha" a program broadcasted on Youtube dedicated to one of his great passions, cars and, on the other hand, the award given by Columbia University, in the Directing & Writing program offered by the university, and in which, as a prize, he had the opportunity to direct his first short film "Vertigo" in New York (available on Youtube). During this time, Alvaro also collaborated with several brands of, among others, clothing, liquor and cars to make photographs and short films for advertising spaces.

After an artistic approach in cinematography, Álvaro begins his own artistic path developing his particular style in Street Art that characterizes him and for which he is recognized today in his projects. Since last May 2020, Alvaro is in a position of exponential growth in the Street Art world boasting two Sunset Art Show's (as he calls his art shows) in which he seeks to share an unforgettable experience with his audience merging the sunset, with art lovers and with music and surroundings that mimic the style of his art. The goal is to transmit the concept and lifestyle portrayed in his art in a transcendental and lasting way for his audience, a style that undoubtedly promises. 

Álvaro's latest project is titled "The Architect's Office" recently opened at the Sweet Space Museum located at ABC Serrano where visitors will be enveloped in a 360 experience of the world portrayed by Álvaro in his art. The experience encompasses the five senses; touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight.

On the other hand, among other projects, those that mark his positioning as an emerging artist is his participation in the Street Art Space of the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation with artists such as Bansky and Keith Harring, his collaboration with Pedro Peña Interior Design in Marbella and his recent project with the Artist Series of Cokrea, an international art sales portal, where he will also hold a private exhibition. Numerous collaborations are currently in development with clothing and consumer products that will see the light throughout 2022 and that will contribute to expand the "Think Different lifestyle" that characterises this artist. These are two of the many spaces Alvaro is looking to explore to maximise the reach of the message he promotes as an artist that at the end of the day he considers to be the most important aspect of his creativity.

On the other hand, one of the spaces that will undoubtedly be art of the focus for Alvaro in 2022 is within the world of digital art, the NFTs. This is a project that is under development and whose final goal is not limited to digital spaces for buying and selling, but will merge into other sales formats.

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