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Artist Series

Galit garzon


Galit Garzon (Caracas, Venezuela 1995) is a plastic artist who specializes in mixed media. “I was always a very curious young girl who searched for the why in things. From a young age, I realized that my creativity moved through my veins. My starting point was to take that imagination out of my inner mind and push it into reality.”

Galit graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at the Miami International University of Art and Design. Her passion for the arts always guided her, and even though her main focus was at her university, Galit always explored and searched for new techniques outside of the classroom in a self-taught manner. Her impulse to create led her to discover a parallel world driven by her instinct, where there are no rules or limitations. Instead, she found a tremendous connection between herself, her inner world and everything around her. Her creations are diverse and full of infinite messages. Galit combines different disciplines such as photography, painting, digital art, and anything new that crosses her path, which leads her to create unique works of art every time.

Currently, she is dedicated to three different projects with the purpose of finding a connection with her audience and sharing her ideals to society.
Galit's most recent exhibitions were in Miami, FL during Art Basel (2018) and in galleries such as Miami Circle Contemporary Art (February 2019,) Canvas Miami Gallery (August 2019,) and Be Art Gallery (December 2019.) and in Madrid at ARTIST Contemporary Art Fair in Madrid, ES from February 26th to March 1st.

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